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About Us


Exclusive Training Institute is a Technical Educational Servces Company from Autotronics India Group Provinding hands-on practical training and certification on Hi-Tech emerging areas such as Embedded System, VHDL, Robotics and Professional Tools MAT Lab.




Our mission is to work for the promotion of computer education and technology in India and abroad.It is a group of professionals who are working for the promotion of technology.It provides open platform for the development of the various computer software.We are the part of Linux Promotion Organisation.




* Promoting Computer Education & Technology.
* Open platform for the development jobs.
* Provide World Class Computer Education.
* Organize Paper Presentation & Quizzes.
* Organize Conferences & Seminars.
* Collaboration with other Institute.
* Launch Research Paper & Projects of the Members.
* Research for Advance Technology.
* Honor Outstanding Personalities.




It is an associatation dedicated for spreading advance computer education to all over India.It provides computer education in advance technology courses like LINUX, VHDL, EMBEDDED SYSTEM, ADVANCE EMBEDDED SYSTEM,  Pro-E or Electronics students, .NET, MATLAB, SOFTWARE TESTING etc.





It is working continuously in Research and Development field from the very beginning. It has developed a number of advanced softwares and currently working in following main projects.

* Congestion Control in Wireless Traffic.
* Real Time Scheduling for Automatic Guided Vehicles.
* Advancement in Microprocessors Technology.
** Linux( releasing soon).


Open Platform


It is an association ,which is providing open platform for software development.Our thinking is that development tools should be provided free of cost so that the technological advancement and refinement can take place unhindered.In this mission everyone is invited .Linux is a special flavour of Linux that can be easily optimized and customized for just about any application or need .Extreme performance,configurability and a top-notch user and developer community are all hallmarks of its experience.