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How to Build a Simple Robot – Beetle Robot



The following article will show you how to build a simple robot, called “The Beetle Robot”, created by Jerome Demers. It’s great for beginners and easy to do.

This is the Beetle Robot v. 3 you are going to build:  


  Before starting, I suggest you to read the complete tutorials. This will greatly lower the chances of you making a mistake.


  • soldering iron  ( here’s a helpful tutorial on soldering )
  • electronic solder
  • diagonal cutter
  • Mini glue gun


Components for the robot


  • 2x – small 1.5 Volts motors
  • 2x – small paperclips
  • 2x – big paperclips
  • 2x – batteries AAA or AA
  • 1x – battery holder AAA or AA
  • 1x – 2 cm of heat shrink
  • 1x – wooden pearl  (for the caster)
  • 1x – meter of electric wire
  • 2x – Sub-mini lever SPDT switches 


 Here are the serial numbers of the components and tools from RadioShack .



Component Number
soldering iron 64-2184
electronic solder 64-006
diagonal cutter 64-2951
1.5 Volts motor 273-223
battery holder 270-398
SPDT switch 275-016


Most of the components can be bought for much cheaper at Digi-Key, Jameco, or similar.
At Solarbotics you can find the dual AA battery holder and the Mabuchi motor. You can find these components at any good electronic store.